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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Soccer and ballet

A couple of weeks ago Mei Mei finished up her rec soccer and had her ballet recital all on the same day.  It was a busy day for this girl!
 She had a lot of fun playing and met a new little friend so all in all, I'd say it was a success.  At this age, it is still rather "bumblebee ball" since they all just move in a pack, but it is so sweet to watch.  The fact that the games are, at most, 40-45 minutes long makes it much sweeter too!
 Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take any pictures during the recital, but the little "Pom Pom Party" routine her 4/5 class put on was adorable!!  One of the things I really appreciate about where she took dance is that they are very "old school" in that there isn't any of the booty-shaking business going on.
 Everything is very classical--hair, dress, etc.  Every other year they do a low-key recital where it is just a chance to showcase what the children have been learning.  This was one of those years, so there weren't any costumes, make-up, lighting or special effects.
 She was just thrilled to be on the stage and didn't appear to be nervous at all.  She was also all about getting a flower-ha!  When I went back to pick her up she pounced on me, asking about it.  Thankfully Grandpa was holding it for her so she got it when she saw everyone ;)
Just look at that shining smile!  Someone was very proud of themselves and was so happy to have all her family there to watch and support her.

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