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Friday, June 10, 2016

School's out!

Goodbye 3rd grade!  Hello Summer!!!!
 This pretty much sums up our feelings ;)
 The Noodle had field day to celebrate her last day.  Her team color?  Orange.
 All kinds of shenanigans while waiting for the bus.  Since it is early, Mei Mei was still in her jammies! 
 Since J works longer days during the summer, he's able to be home by noon on Fridays.  Yea!  We met the Noodle coming off the bus and were all smiles.
 My big 4th grader!
 My girls--so proud of these two!
 To celebrate we went out to dinner and had the place pretty much to ourself!
We are ready for summer...bring it!


Seth said...

Where is this diner looking place?

E said...

Bearden's ;)