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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Big birthday wishes to a 5 year old!

So this little one decided to go and turn 5 on us.  Oh my goodness!
She started off her birthday by graduating from Safety Town.  I was taking a class all week so couldn't see it, but Lala went and cheered on the little graduate.  After graduation, I met them out for lunch--just the 3 of us.  So special!
 Then that evening, we had both sets of grandparents over for dinner.  The request?  Lucky birthday noodles, of course!
 I just used P. Dub's simple sesame noodle recipe.  With bok choy and diced peppers, because, well actually, I can't bring myself to serve a meal without some sort of veg.  Chopsticks were optional.
 Then on to the presents.  The highly anticipated event!!
 We found a piano at a garage sale.  An excellent purchase at $5.00 if I do say so myself.
 It takes big muscles to hold up that Beatrix Potter anthology!
 Finally, cake brownies with mint frosting and chocolate chips.  She actually wanted a mint chocolate chip/strawberry cake, but I convinced her to do one and have the other in ice cream form.  It was actually a very good combination.
 Every time we would walk down the baking aisle in the grocery store Mei Mei talked about wanting a "5" candle.  That was an easy request to grant ;)
 By this time in the evening, everyone was getting goofy and the effects of the sugar were definitely evident.  We managed to snap a couple of pictures with the grandparents before hustling the birthday girl and her sister up into bed.  A full day of celebrating is enough to tire anyone out--parents included!
Happy Birthday Mei Mei!!  You are a blessing and a joy to our family!  Your kind, sweet ways bring a smile to all of our faces.  We love you to the China moon and back!

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