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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday?!

I hadn't participated in a blog hop in a while and thought this one would be a fun one to do--here's what going on in our neck of the woods!

What we're eating this week:
EatLiveRun's Mediterranean Shrimp Tortellini is always a HUGE hit with the family as well as Two Peas & Their Pod's pasta with kale, kalamata olives, dried cranberries and feta.  There's something about the combination of the sweet/tangy of the cranberries, the salty of the olives and the creamy feta.  Mmmmm
What I'm reminiscing about:
15 years ago--today!!
What I'm reading:
LOVE Sarah Addison Allen!  I've read other books by her and just zip right through them.  So much so, that one night, I declared that everyone was going to be early (including me) because I just wanted to read!  I'm also in the middle of this book by David Platt.  He brings up some tough questions--really makes you think.
This is the next one in the queue--Lisa See is another one of my favorites.  I've never read any of her mysteries, so I'm interested in seeing how she does them.  As an aside, at the beginning of the year I heard about Goodreads and signed up (obviously I'm slow to hop on the whole social media thing!). Hello?!  Game changer for me!  I've always loved reading, but had slipped away from it recently. Mainly because I would hear about a book, forget to write it down and then feel frustrated because I couldn't find/remember anything that I really wanted to read.  Now I've got a running list, and as I get close to finishing one, I request the next one from the library.  
What I'm watching:
We don't have cable or satellite and we don't do Netflix either.  We're actually not big movie watchers, but when I can remember the title of a movie, I request it from our library and we watch it whenever it comes in.  Sometimes that means we have to wait a looong time to watch a popular movie, but most times it isn't too bad.  We can't say enough about the benefits of the local library!!
What I'm wearing now:
Love, love, love Oceans by Hillsong United.  The 36" chain length is a bit of a change for me but I'm digging it!  Interested in one for yourself?  Go here.

What I bought myself heavily hinted at for Mother's Day:
Love 1 Baseball Tee
147 Million orphans in the world.  Sickening.  When you buy a shirt, from this organization it will feed a child in need for a week.  Now that makes this mama's heart happy!

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