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Monday, April 27, 2015

Date night--anniversary style

J and I have our 15 year anniversary coming up in a few days so we decided to celebrate this past weekend.  Lollie and Papa were only too happy to babysit, so we decided to head out early and do a little shopping (really more of a necessity for J, but we were together, so it was fun) before going out to eat.  There is a Greek restaurant a few cities away, so that's where we decided to go afterwards...yum-o!
Since we're pretty introverted low key, after dinner, we decided to just come home and open up a bottle of bubbly and chat some more.  I am part of a Moms group and one of the speakers talked about how 2x/year, she and her husband have a "state of their marriage/family" chat.  Around the new year they discuss their goals for their family, strengths/weaknesses, areas of focus for kiddos, etc. and on their anniversary they talk about what's working and what needs to be addressed in order to make their marriage stronger.  I loved that!  Thankfully J was game to talk about "feelings...nothing more than feelings......." Ha!
This year's anniversary was infinitely better than last--Mei Mei's palate re-repair was scheduled on our actual anniversary, so we spent #14 in the hospital, eating our anniversary meal (breakfast) in the hospital cafeteria while she was in the O.R., and then nursing one poor, sick baby back to health.  The silver lining of that gray cloud?  At least we were together for the entire day, and there wasn't anyone I wanted by my side more than J!

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