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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Whew...Halloween has come and gone and we can catch our breath!  Can you guess what the Noodle went as?  Mei Mei was her side-kick ;)
The Noodle had gone out last weekend and done some trick-or-treating with a few of her friends at the various merchants around our town.  It was a beautiful fall day--perfect for gathering treats.
We had already discussed how the candy she got on that day would be donated.  I had a feeling we would be overrun with sugary goodness by the time all was said and done.  I was right!
Thursday, our small group from church (which actually isn't very small, especially when there are 13 kiddos between only 3 of the families in the group!!!) went trick-or-treating at a local nursing home. The residents were so pleased to see the children so I am glad we were able to be a blessing to them.
By the time Friday rolled around we still had trick-or-treating in our own little town as well as the Noodle's Halloween parade.  The weather was suppose to be crummy so everyone was already prepped that it would be a shorter night.

Mei Mei went up with me to watch the parade and loved seeing all the costumes.  Not surprising were the number of Elsas that were spotted.  There was only one paleontologist though, the Noodle!
Friday night we had pizza with a neighbor family and then after a few snaps, bundled up.
It actually wasn't as bad as it was the year before.  Even though it was raining and cold, it was more of a misty drizzle rather than the windy downpour from 2013.  Mei Mei was waay into it--running from house to house but was more than happy to sit in the stroller for the last 15 minutes as we trundled home.

Now, about all that candy................

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