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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Date Night

Remember when an evening out was something that you eased into?  Glass of wine?  Jammin' out to some good tunes perhaps?  Taking your own sweet time as you pulled together your outfit?

That's not exactly how the scene played out the last time J and I had a date night--ha!  He had a fund raising event for a Board that he sits on, so it was a chance for us to get gussied up and hit the town.
The getting ready part was certainly a family affair.  Where are my shoes?  Of course, on Mei Mei, where else?!  Yes, you may each play with a fancy purse...just don't break the straps--careful--that one was my grandma's!!  Whatever you do don't touch the shoe polish.  Deeeep breaths.
We were finally ready, Lala and Papa were here and everyone was showered and in their proper (read: own) clothes. Ahhhh, big exhale.
J and I had a nice time at the event but even more importantly, we enjoyed the drive out there and back--just being together, talking and laughing about what kooky little family we have and how we wouldn't change it for the world!

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