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Monday, October 20, 2014

Long Weekend

Both girls had the day off from school last Friday so we were able to start the weekend early.  Yea!!
We have a fabulous art museum in our city which is FREE!  Love it :)  We're members and so we try to go over pretty frequently.  It has a great kiddo area
and the Noodle always wants to go explore the armor court. We were wandering around the Chinese exhibits when a little someone decided that she'd had enough and started to throw a major fit.  
Ever noticed how quite museums can be?  Yeah, me too, especially when your precious little one is creating all kinds of racket!  Just keepin' it real ;)  Thankfully it didn't last long, but by that time it was getting close to lunch so we decided to head home anyway.

Saturday it was pretty crummy out so we just stayed close to home, but by Sunday, everything was gorgeous again.
After church we took a walk and played outside
and then later in the afternoon, we went to local church which was selling pumpkins to raise money for their youth mission trip.  We hadn't gotten pumpkins yet, so this was perfect.  They were all HUGE!
Finally, we walked down by the Lake.  It was much higher than it had been earlier in the summer and so there wasn't much beach, but that didn't stop us.
Part of the adventure is never knowing what you're going to find!

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