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Friday, June 13, 2014

Veg smile--a recipe

A few weeks ago someone asked the Noodle what she enjoyed doing with Mom.  I, in my smug assurance of knowing the preferences of my kiddos, was completely taken aback when she said "cook with her".  I was sure she would have said read together, but obviously not.  Don't get me wrong, the Noodle and I do cook together and we both enjoy it, but I didn't realize just how much it meant to her.  Mental note to self. Cook together more this summer!
At the end of a quiet time earlier in the week, she came down to show me a recipe that she had written up and asked if we could make it.  Sure!!
Step 1:  Rice cake (we ended up deciding to use English muffins instead, but rice cakes would work too).
Step 2:  Put a carrot and a pea on it.
**Step 3:  We actually added an additional step which was to put veggie cream cheese on the toasted English Muffin before we made the face.
 A snack that incorporates veggies into it?  Bring it on!
 How cute, right?!

There was sister love goin' on and kindness all around.  
"You should definitely go and make these.  They are yummy!"

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