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Thursday, February 9, 2012

As the years have gone by, I've written quite a few social stories for the Noodle.  It is the sped teacher in me.  When there's an issue, write a story, explaining in positive tones, the situation and what the expectations are.  Include visuals to really hit the message home.  Granted the Noodle doesn't have special needs, but I still have found it to be helpful, especially when there is some sort of more frustrating challenging behavior being displayed.
You know the funny thing?  She enjoys going back (although in the above picture, she's pretty seriously studying something) and reading the little ditties and remembering "way back in the day".  Ha!  Hilarious :0)  In all honesty, though, it is good for me too, because it is a little jolt to remind me how she continues to grow, mature and develop.  Old behaviors fade away and new ones rear up their pesky little heads.  All part of the growing process I guess!

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Debbie Sauer said...

She looks so gorgeous in pink! Gracie and her family moved to California. I am missing her so. Blessings