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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Leaf Monster

Over the weekend we figured that we'd better make the most of the gorgeous weather and get out there and rake.  There's nothing worse than trying to deal with leaves that are wet and covered in snow/slush.  Blech!  The Noodle was all about helping rake up the leaves and especially liked helping me drag the tarp to the tree lawn to dump. Oh yeah, in case you wondered,  J's not afraid of SARS or working part-time in a nail salon--his allergies are HORRIBLE this time of year and it seems like anytime he does anything outside, the rest of the day he is miserable.  He wears a mask to help cut down on the pollen, molds, dust and other allergens.
Once we had a nice, big pile raked up, she was in her glory running and jumping.  Don't worry, I made sure there weren't any cars going by since she was so close to the road!  She was a regular little leaf monster!

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