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Monday, September 20, 2010

Who knew circulars were such fun?

 Yikes--check out that crazy morning hair! 
Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time knows that currently, the Noodle is IN LOVE with all things related to L*ghtening McQueen ("Ka-Chow" as she calls him) and Th*mas the train.  Actually, this obsession interest has been going on since about last Valentine's day.  One of the things that she does, first thing in the morning, is go through the newspaper circulars looking for anything, ANYTHING, that has these characters on it.  Doesn't really matter whether it is an ad for band-aids, toothpaste, soup or even checks.  No matter how teeny-tiny it may be, she'll spot it.  Oh yeah, she also likes to keep a look-out for Sp*nge Bob (thinks he's funny looking), Sc*oby-Doo, T*nkerbell or really any childhood character, even though she has no experience with any of them .  Last month's In St*le magazine, all 600 pages of it, happened to have an ad for chicken noodle soup geared towards kiddos (w/ Sp. Bob on the can).  The ad was like on page 579...and she still managed to find it.  Now, she's taken to cutting out the picture, so we have quite a collection of "treasures" accumulating on her desk.  Every so often, I go through and make a sneaky sweep, but I have to be careful...she is adamant about NOT throwing anything away.  Yeesh!  At least it is good fine-motor skills having her cut everything out.  What a Noodle!!!

Showing Daddy a "book" she made.  It was about 5:45 a.m., so things were pretty low-key.
The place where it all goes down.

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