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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The New Dining Room

I had talked about how we were re-doing our dining room here . J had finished the woodwork and painting a few weekends ago, but he hadn't had time to complete the flooring. Over this past weekend that was accomplished too. He had his faithful assistant there with him throughout most of it. In fact, she decided she wasn't going to nap on Saturday because she didn't want to miss out on any of the good stuff.

The messy, but necessary job of patching plaster.

I've got my eyes on you!

The complete disarray of the house.

Daddy's never to busy to give his girl a hug!

Clean-up patrol.

Actually, it is more fun to float this stuff around and dance than to clean it up...

Here Daddy, let me help you with that hammer.

Mmmm, that saw is a little too loud for my ears.

Just a little rest break.

The finished product!

Can you believe we chose purple? I was a bit nervous, but I think it looks great! I should know better than to question J! BTW, with the flash on, it makes the color "brighter" than it really is. The finished color is more like an aubergine.

Enjoying a snack in the new dining room and wearing her new Asian-inspired apron skirt.

She just figured out about making this face. Lovely, don't ya think?


cmccormick79 said...

looks awesome!! can't wait to see it in person. hopefully soon. love you.

Seth said...

Aubergine? Never heard of it. I'm not too worried though since Jeff is the man when it comes to picking colors and doing projects. By the way, I like the Joey, I mean Albert Belle t-shirt...classic!