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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gramma Nut

C*ndyLand has become a popular game in our house. If you haven't played in a while, then you might not remember where Gramma Nut is located on the board. It is relatively close to the beginning. If you happen to draw this card, you have to go to the "Gramma Nut" space. The Chinese Noodle LOVES Gramma Nut. Doesn't matter whether she is within a few hops of the Candy Castle. She gets so excited about drawing that card. J and I generally do not share her excitement. We have had sessions where we've gone through the entire deck, almost twice. That's a rather long game. Especially if you decided to do a quick pick-me-up game close to bedtime. On the flip side, she doesn't like Lord Licorice. She says he's sinister (one of her favorite words to say--also frequently used to describe "bad" people in her picture bible). I tried to get her picture with L.L., but she said no way, that she wanted to cover his eyes and then promptly put the box lid on. So there you have it. In with Gramma Nut. Out with Lord Licorice.

**Auntie C, do you recognize the dress from last year?

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