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Friday, September 16, 2016

Gotcha Day 2016

We've gone from this
to this
8 years ago this loving, smart, strong, stubborn girl met us in a hotel meeting room, across the world in China.  We were instantly head-over-heels in love with her!!  We still are ;)

As we do each year, the girls put on their silks and we headed down to AsiaTown for dinner to celebrate becoming a forever family.
The Noodle's Gotcha Day generally falls right around the Mid-Autumn Moon festival.  When we were in China, we were the only family who actually was able to meet their daughter on the pre-determined date.  Everyone else had to wait an extra day because of the holiday, but in our province (Fujian) they were willing to move forward with the adoption without waiting.
One the night we were there, there were many families and college students eating out and celebrating so that made it even more fun!
 This is the look when you're about to eat some serious yummy food.  Bring it!
An empty plate but a full heart--I'd like to think she's swooning over how she feels so blessed.  In reality, she's expressing her love for all things noodle, dumpling and rice related.  Ha ha!!
 And then there's this one--ready to dig into plate #2!
 Sometimes you  just need your mama to feed you baby-bird style.
I am forever grateful that God brought this girl into our lives.  She is a blessing and it is an honor to be her parents!  

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