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Monday, August 8, 2016

Family Reunion Take 1

This past weekend all of my mom's family (plus my Nana and brother--yay!!!) came up to visit. Lollie's one of 5, so when significant others and kiddos are included, it makes for a fun group!
Friday night everyone came over for a taco bar.  I feel like tacos are an easy way to feed a large number as well as take into consideration various dietary issues (beef? chicken? beans/rice? corn? flour?).  They are also dead easy to prepare and most of it was done in advance so there was little to do once everyone got there, except enjoy a cocktail!  If you're looking for an easy, tasty dip, I'd totally recommend this one!
It was still hot and muggy out and had just poured, adding to the sauna-like quality, so we decided to just hang inside.  All of my photos are horrible because I think my phone was dirty.  Boo.  
Saturday morning Uncle came over for pancakes after running 15 miles (whaaaa?!?). Midway through breakfast he hit the wall and went back to Lollie and Papa's condo and slept for 2 more hours.  The older girls decided to go shopping and hit up a few local shops as well as a few thrift stores for my teenage cousin.  Almost everyone found a little something--score!
Saturday night we all met at Lala and Papa's out on their condo's patio.  It was a beautiful night! J, Uncle and the girls went swimming and everyone else sat around chatting.
Papa was busy on the grill and once again, he did not disappoint!  His two sous chefs were eager to assist ;)
Anytime they get to spend with Uncle is a good time.  It was wonderful having him home to visit, even if it was for a short stay!
Never a shortage of love!
She may be 9.5, but I still love it when she sits on my lap ;)

On Sunday, since Uncle had the luxury of sleeping in, we decided to go to 11:00 service so he could go with us.  We of course had to take our traditional post-church walk around the block when we got home.  Then, after lunch, we smothered Uncle with hugs and kisses since he was going to be leaving.
It was a busy, whirl-wind kind of weekend, but so good to see everyone and catch-up!  Next week we're going to be busy visiting with J's side of the family, so we have another reunion coming up!

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