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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Preschool Graduate

Goodbye preschool...hello Kindergarten!

Mei Mei finished up last week with preschool and I'm still a bit in shock.  How can two years have already gone flying past?  Wasn't it just yesterday that we were easing her into Sunday School and the 2 year old class and prepping her for her first year of preschool once she turned 3?
But what growth we've seen!  She's completely at ease and LOVES going to school.  Quite honestly, I'm not sure how she's going to cope with not going back until late August!
She is confident in her abilities, exuberant each day when she greets her teachers and (hardly ever) gives me a backwards glance as she's racing into the classroom.

Her language is right where it should be and she's hit all of her developmental milestones, and then some.  Now if only we can get her back on that bike...............
When school was finished and the Noodle and I picked her up, we surprised her with a trip to DQ for cones.
Wondering what the side-eye is all about?  Both of them were fascinated watching the "big girls" aka the teenagers who were also in there getting an afterschool treat.  Ha!
And just because I love a good "then and now" shot...

Here's at the start of the year:
and here she is now:
Oh Mei Mei!  You're on your way sweet love!!

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