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Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Ahhh, spring break!  We love you so!  This year, we had a couple of things scheduled on the calendar but also lots of downtime too.

There was quite a bit of LEGO building that went on.  The ideas just kept coming and it was great to see Mei Mei getting into the LEGOs too.
The Noodle had received a gift card for Christmas from Amazon and finally decided what she wanted to spend it on--the Dolphin Cruiser.  She opened it up and started working on it at 5 pm and by 8 pm she had put the whole thing together...by herself.  Love it!
Zootopia was on the list of things to do this break and it did not disappoint!  Lollie joined us and we all rooted for Judy as she solved the mystery concerning the animals going savage.
While it certainly wasn't warm by any stretch, at least we had some sunshine.  Walks around the neighborhood were a given.  The girls can't seem to pass by sticks and NOT pick them up.  Ha!
The Noodle joined J and Grandpa for a visit to the junkyard to search for a new swim ladder for the Lake.  They were successful, but she is her father's daughter after all...
There is a really large park close by that we don't visit that regularly, so going to play there was a highlight.  See that crazy big hill behind?  The girls were dying to walk up and roll/run down.  Since the grass was a soggy, muddy mess, [most of us] made do with running down it.
 Fro-yo anyone?!
Then, one night, while the Noodle was attending the CAVS game and doing her amazing ball handling tricks for both the pre-game and half-time shows,
Mei Mei and I enjoyed a girls night in and ate sushi.
As the week was winding down we snuck in one more visit to the zoo.  It was sunny but c.o.l.d and windy!  We basically had the place to ourselves which was surprising considering it was a Saturday.
 Monkey see, monkey do.
Last stop?  Lunch at our favorite 1950's-style diner.  
This is how we feel about milkshakes...
 What?!  You don't think I'll eat the whole thing?!
Mei Mei ended the week with a birthday party at a local spot.  I thought for sure that she'd crash on the way home, but nope.  Even with all the running, climbing, sliding and jumping she was raring to go for more!
It was a great spring break and we had so much fun hanging out together.  Now we start the downhill slide toward the end of the school year!  Yikes!!

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