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Saturday, April 23, 2016


This year the Noodle has gotten involved with the group American Heritage Girls (AHG), which is an organization whose mission is to "build women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country".
She was a Tenderheart (girls ages K-3 grade) and had the opportunity to meet lots of new girls (both older and younger than she was), participate in some cool service projects and earn lots of badges. She also got to do it with her best bud, so it was a win on all accounts!
At the end of their 3rd grade year, the Tenderhearts crossover to become Explorers.  As with any scouting program, with each level that you advance, there are more expectations but also more privileges.
Her troop just had their crossover ceremony and it was also the time where they were able to receive the badges they had been working towards.  It was hard work but she was very proud of herself.  So were we!
I love that this is an organization that has the primary emphasis on becoming all that God created these girls to be but that it also ties in scouting with a heavy dose of service to others.  This is such a good balance for the Noodle.  Now, I wonder what badges she'll start working on over the summer?  

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