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Friday, March 28, 2014

Shoes and bags and purses, oh my!

The other afternoon, the Noodle decided that she wanted to play shoe store.  Of course Mei Mei was only too eager to join in, especially if the Noodle was leading it!  The shoes and the shoe boxes started coming out from my closet (always more fun playing in Mama's shoes, right?!).  Then out came the purses.  At one point in time, the Noodle looked at me and said "Don't worry, I promise I will put it all back."  She knows me well!  Ha!!

Not surprising, the Noodle was the shoe store owner and Mei Mei was the shopper.  My role?  Chief facilitator and tension reliever (especially when Mei Mei had the nerve to go off on to her own tangent with the play).  It was sweet to see the C.N. help her try on shoes and suggest different options and for them just to interact and engage together.  Slowly but surely things are getting smoother.

In all honesty, I think I have J's aunt out in Cally to blame thank for the shoe interest.  A few weeks ago, a package came in the mail for Mei Mei and in it was a brand new pair of sparkle, light up shoes and some frilly socks. Grandma was here to get in some extra snuggle time and to help her try them on.  They were both thrilled!!

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