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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Daddy's Helper

The Dumpling loves to help Daddy around the house just like her older sister does, so it seems.  J had started renovating our kitchen before Christmas (we'll do before/after pictures soon, hopefully).  Then the Noodle's birthday came up as did the holidays and things got put on hold.  Once the calendar flipped to the New Year, work came on fast and strong and then we got the news that we'd be traveling, so............the kitchen remained unfinished.
Thankfully he was able to stop and a good point, but today, with work on the back burner, it was a good opportunity to tie up a few loose ends.  The Noodle had a packed day with choir practice for their upcoming musical Oh Jonah in the morning and then a pool birthday party in the afternoon, so she was MIA.  I was playing taxi driver, so that meant Mei Mei and Daddy had most of the day to themselves to play and putter. The only time I think they stopped was when it was time for Mei Mei's nap.  Whew!

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