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Friday, February 10, 2017

The Noodle's a decade old!

Right before Christmas, the Noodle celebrated her birthday.  10 years old--double digits!
Her actual birthday, the 21st, fell on the last day of school before break, so we kept it pretty low-key. It's always good to start the day out with presents!
Since I was already on break, I popped into her classroom with her treats--I miss those opportunities now that I'm back at work!
After her request of white bean chicken chili for dinner (a standard for quite a few years running now), we went to our high school girl's basketball game and watched them clobber the other team. Our babysitter is a starting player so it was fun to watch her play too!

Since Uncle was going to be coming into town in a few days for Christmas, we postponed celebrating with family until he was here.  We saved her party with friends until the week after Christmas for everyone's sanity!
We couldn't believe Uncle had never seen the Lego movie!
For the family meal, the choice was obvious...Chinese food for the win!
 Mint chocolate chip icebox dessert--super yummy!
Noodle--You are smart, clever, funny, loving and definitely less of little girl and more of a tween! Ha! Daddy and I love to watch and see how you are growing into your own person.  No surprise, you have some pretty distinct ideas and thoughts!  We are so proud of you and can't wait to watch God work in your life this next year!  We love you to the China moon and back!!!

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