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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Life Lately

It has been pretty quiet around these parts.  Just living life.
We've had one "decent" snowfall this winter.  Cray-cray!  It was bitter out, but they were determined...I wimped out after about 20 minutes and went in to watch from the window.
 Badge awards at AHG.
 All the dumpster diving.  He's got plans................and they include pallets.  Lots and lots of pallets.
 She was suppose to be getting out of the car...
I mean, the SIZE of that thing!  Costco--go figure.  It made me want to throw up, but we had to text it to J.  He loooved it.
 Proud girl ;)
Sunny, mid-50 weather means creativity, bungee cords and containers.  Not sure what was going on here, but everyone was super focused and happy for like an hour, so we went with it.
 Sunday morning congee breakfast for the win!
 Another milestone mastered!  #proudmama #proudMeiMei

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