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Friday, October 2, 2015

Dumpling Making Party

Our friends invited us over for a dumpling making party the other night.  Pau Pau (grandma) and Gung Gung (grandpa) were in visiting and it is a tradition every time they come.

We were only too eager to join in the fun!  One batch was pork and shrimp and the other was vegetarian (pickled veg, cabbage, mushroom and cilantro).

The Noodle ended up getting pretty good at twisting the edge of the dumpling to make it look pretty. I just stuck to the traditional 'fold and pinch' method.  Mei Mei was a focused machine.  Ha!

We probably made about 150 dumplings in all.  Not too shabby!  In the end, only the adults were left making them since after a plate or two the kiddos trickled away to play ninjas, dress-up and eventually were lured by the glow of the video game screen.

Once we got all the jiaozi made, Pau Pau cooked up a big batch and we froze the rest for a later treat. Those, coupled with the noodles and broth, made the perfect meal on a rainy, windy night.
We finished it off with birthday cake and mooncakes.  Definitely mixed feelings around the table about mooncakes, but since Mid-Autumn moon festival had just ended, we all went with it.  Green tea, white lotus blossom, red bean and mixed nut were all sampled.
It was a great night spent with friends laughing, eating and learning.  Thanks for the fun!!

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Debbie Sauer said...

Oh my, the girls are really changing! I need to be following more often. Blessings