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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Star Student

This past week it was the Noodle's turn to be the Star Student in her class.  On the last day, the child can have a member of their family come in and read a book, do a craft, bring in a treat, etc.  She and J talked and they decided it would be cool for him to come in and talk about being an architect.
When we arrived, the class was still at library, so while J set up, Mei Mei took the teacher's hand and went down with her to pick up the group.  Here she is, marching back in--hilarious!
J talked for a few minutes and showed the class some drawings, sketches, models, etc.  He answered their questions and also explained all about the kind of schooling they would need to have if they wanted to be an architect.
Both of them were pretty pumped!
After his little talk, he had the kiddos go to their desks to create their "dream" house.  They could cut out various rooms and house features (driveway, deck, garage, etc.) and design a floorplan. 
I know the Noodle was very proud to have J there and he loved every minute of it too!

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