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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Education Cubes

We recently purchased a set of Education Cubes and have been thrilled with them!  Somehow presenting the same material, in a different, more novel way, makes it much more fun!   And really, who doesn't like to build a tower and then knock it down?!

After a few days exploring and just "playing" with the cubes, we got down to the serious business of learning.  Ha ha!  Mama Jenn has collaborated with Carissa so that the RRSP information can be used with the cubes.  I love it!!
Matching the word on the cube to the word on the card
Love the smile on her face as she experiences success and reads the words!

If you're interested, the cubes can be purchased here and then you can sign up for a one time membership fee of $10 here , to gain access to over 100 different insert cards.  Even if you're not doing the RRSP program, this is still a great way to work on those ABCs and 123s.  Go check it out...I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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